In Year 2, this afternoon we have produced post cards to send to Mr Nichols to explain what we’ve learnt about the Muslim festival of Eid. We’ve also been learning about how to use stamps, right address correctly and on Monday we are going to post them. 

Labelling Graphs Through Problem Solving

Some of the children today learnt how to correctly labels graphs. This was made slightly more challenging by asking the children to solve maths riddles and using their data handling skills to find the correct information.

We then created questions related to our graphs to help strengthen our ability to apply our data handling skills and also  use our writing skills. 

Experimenting with Shapes

To help prepare for our SATS, this morning the children produced posters to display their knowledge of 2D shapes. The children had to explain their name, properties including corners, number of sides and whether they were straight or curved. We then looked at lines of symmetry and whether they were polygons or not.